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Don't Rubbish Our Senate, a pro Developmental Group, The APC Strike Force, Caution Buhari

Don't Rubbish Our Senate, a pro Developmental Group, The APC Strike Force, Caution Buhari

A pro developmental group within the APC family in Delta State, committed to the growth and development of the Niger Delta region, The APC Strike Force (ASF) under the leadership of Prince Charles Ikpama, has commended the Nigerian Senate for its stance on the illegal contraption, the Interim management committee (IMC) holding sway in the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC.

The group in a statement by its National Coordinator, Prince Charles Ikpama, bemoaned the delay in the inauguration of the already screened and confirmed board members, lamenting that it has put the development of the Niger Delta region in serious jeopardy.
And against the backdrop of the Senate's refusal to accommodate the illegal Interim Management Committee (IMC), the people ultimately will be the biggest losers with every passing day that the new board is not put in place in line with the law setting up the NDDC.

The statement went further to say that as the government of the ruling party, which also controls both houses of our National Assembly, it will be a National fiasco if the Executive undermine the integrity and leadership of the Senate. This will not only create negative precedence but also give the impression that the Senate is inconsequential when it comes to carrying out its general oversight functions as any individual can now use the Presidency to counter whatever good work the Senate has done.

The group thus urged the Federal government, led by President Buhari, to take a stand to salvage the situation and permanently nip in the bud this ugly spectacle of a Minister seemingly going against our extant laws with impunity and also ensure that such behaviour never occurs again under his watch.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Long live APC.

Long live APC Strike Force!!!

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