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Value what you is called contentment. Dr Enaohwo advise Urhobo

Value what you is called contentment. Dr Enaohwo advise Urhobo

Value what you is called contentment.
Place real value on what you that when its gone, you won't say had I known.
Urhobo should place premium value on Obarisi Omo Agege.

If DSP Omo-Agege was Hausa, all and everything, both physical and spiritual, would be done to shield him from the untoward effects of all his weaknesses, and errors in life, not minding their magnitude.
How many fulani people dey insult Buhari?

It is a thing of great pride to Urhobo that she successfully cornered DSP-ship. 
The next thing we should be thinking of is how to pressurize GOD Almighty into making Omo-Agege the next Goodluck Ebele Jonathan....because GOD can do it for us.

This pull him down syndrome by Urhobos against Urhobos is indeed very shameful, highly disgusting, and therefore unacceptable.
Please let us stop it at once.

If Agege do bad, let all Urhobo shout that he made a mistake while doing good. Shout the good part loud.
Under the cover of the night, we fit clear am natters as e be. And advice him like wise men do.

In the days of old, we Urhobos usually washed our dirty linen in the bush. 
In this modern age, we wash our dirty linen in the bathroom....not outside.

I am DSP Agege, and DSP Agege is me.
What I won't do to myself, I shouldn't and must not do to DSP Agege.
DSP Agege is in every Urhobo man or woman.
DSP Agege is one with every Urhobo man.
Love DSP Agege like you love yourself.

We, the Urhobo people, must imbibe that noble spirit of oneness.....until all Urhobo people and her allies, are fully emancipated.

DSP Agege is for all Urhobo.
All Urhobo must therefore be for DSP Agege.

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